SM O.K. Auto-ralli is almoust ready to start!

On this page You will find links to important documents.

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Welcome to Kouvola !

All the Forms are in Adobe pdf format, so You can fill and print them with Adobe  Reader.
To save the filled pdf forms You need the Adobe Reader ver. 11 or later

Rally important dates:

  • Supplementary regulations are published and the Entry is open on April 13th
  • The Entry is closed on May 7th at 9.00 p.m.
  • The Competitor Info and Entry list is published on May 10th
  • Paper check, Reconnaisance and Shakedown on May 18th
  • SM O.K. Auto-ralli on May 19th

Note! Only 10 tires are allowed during the rally. In classes 1 - 6 the FIA bar code numbers of the tires to be used during the rally shall be documented in the Tyre Bar Code Form. The Form has to be returned to Scrutineering. If You use tires without FIA bar code, the tires will be marked in the scrutineering.

The Reconnaisance and Information for the Announcer forms should be ready filled when arriving the Document Check.
This makes Your checking easier and helps our secretaries - THANK YOU!

SM O.K. Auto-ralli

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